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He was a geography professor at University of Hull, England, who meticulously studied landscape paintings for real and symbolic content.
Cleland, professor and chairman of cardiology at the University of Hull, England.
Neil Jewitt of Hull, England won a week's walking tour of Andalucia's Moorish trails for his adverture travel piece in the Guardian newspaper entitled Prisoner in paradise.
The 42-year-old Briton's ex-wife Julia Wilson and his only child, 10-year-old James, who was born here, flew in from their native Hull, England, to say their final goodbyes.
Henry, of Hull, England, has been signed up in a EUR1.
Antidepressants substantially outperform placebos only among extremely depressed individuals, says a team led by psychologist Irving Kirsch of the University of Hull, England.
Department of Physics, University of Hull, Hull, England
Seven Seas, Hull, England, has launched Multibionta Probiotic Multivitamin in the U.
So, she'll close Green Ginger, the bookstore she named after her favorite street in the town of Hull, England, where she was born.
have signed a joint venture agreement under which Global Commodities will increase the production capacity of Rix Biodiesel's existing biodiesel processing plant in Hull, England to more than 120 million liters of fuel annually.
Logan Fabricom, based in Hull, England, a maker of conveyor and material-handling systems, reports that a migration to the Solid Edge CAD system from Unigraphics Solutions of St.
She earned her keep and her way in the world as a seamstress in Reykjavik, then later in Hull, England, and eventually by the outer shores of Iceland itself.