Humala Tasso, Ollanta Moisés

Humala Tasso, Ollanta Moisés,

1962–, Peruvian army officer and political leader, b. Lima. The son of a labor lawyer, Humala joined the Peruvian army in 1982, became an officer, and during the 1990s commanded troops fighting against Shining PathShining Path,
Span. Sendero Luminoso, Peruvian Communist guerrilla force, officially the Communist party of Peru. Founded in 1970 by Abimael Guzmán Reynoso as an orthodox Marxist-Leninist offshoot of the Peruvian Communist party, the Shining Path turned to
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 guerrillas. Later he was accused of human-rights abuses during this period, allegations that he denied. A nationalist and member of the political left, he staged an abortive military rebellion against President FujimoriFujimori, Alberto
, 1938–, president of Peru (1990–2000), b. Lima, Peru. The son of Japanese immigrants, he was educated in Peru and attended Univ. of Wisconsin. Fujimori was an unknown economist when he scored an upset in the 1990 presidential elections.
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 in 2000. Retiring from the army in 2004, he ran for president in 2006, but lost to Alan GarcíaGarcía Pérez, Alan Gabriel Ludwig,
1949–2019, Peruvian political leader, president of Peru (1985–90, 2006–11). A lawyer and member of APRA, García was a charismatic speaker who rose rapidly in Peruvian politics.
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, who narrowly defeated him in the second round. In 2011 he again sought the presidency, having softened his radical image, and narrowly defeated Keiko Fujimori, daughter of the jailed ex-president, in a runoff that was one of Peru's most divisive elections. Humala's policies in office were moderate and in large part marked by continuity with those of his predecessor. He and his wife were held in custody in 2017 as prosecutors prepared a corruption-related case against them.
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