Masters and Johnson

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Masters and Johnson,

pioneering research team in the field of human sexuality, consisting of the gynecologist William Howell Masters, 1915–2001, b. Cleveland, and the psychologist Virginia Eshelman Johnson, 1925–2013, b. Springfield, Mo. Authors of Human Sexual Response (1966), Human Sexual Inadequacy (1970), The Pleasure Bond (1975), Homosexuality in Perspective (1979), and (with Dr. Robert Kolodny) Crisis: Heterosexual Behavior in the Age of AIDS (1988), they established (1970) a sex-therapy program in St. Louis that became a model for clinics elsewhere, and trained other therapists in clinical counseling. Masters and Johnson were married from 1971 to 1993. Johnson left the clinic before their divorce; Masters retired in 1994.


See V. Bullough, Science in the Bedroom (1994).

Masters and Johnson

published a study of sexual performance under laboratory conditions. [Sexology: Masters and Johnson Human Sexual Response in Weiss, 214]
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Masters and Johnson went on to publish Human Sexual Inadequacy in 1970, (23) founded the sex therapy profession in America, (24) and coined the term "sexual dysfunction.
Johnson, Human Sexual Inadequacy (1970) [hereinafter Masters & Johnson II].
O segundo relatorio, Human Sexual Inadequacy (A Inadequacao Sexual Humana), foi resultado de trabalhos clinicos, tendo sido publicado em 1970, 11 anos apos a criacao, em 1959, de um programa de pesquisa clinica especializada no tratamento de disfuncoes sexuais, em que 790 pessoas foram atendidas pelos servicos terapeuticos dos autores.
O segundo livro de Masters & Johnson, Human Sexual Inadequacy (A Inadequacao Sexual Humana), foi editado em 1970, apos quatro anos da publicacao de Human Sexual Response, contendo 15 capitulos distribuidos de acordo com o seguinte indice:
of Technology, Sydney) presents a sociological analysis and critique of the conceptual foundations and practice of William Masters and Virginia Johnson's (1966; 1970) scientific sex research and its clinical applications within the field of sex therapy, as articulated in their texts Human Sexual Response and Human Sexual Inadequacy.
Sexual Politics by Kate Millett, a feminist treatment of the battle of the sexes, and Human Sexual Inadequacy by the research team of Dr.
According to Maier, Johnson played a formative role in both projects and in the widely read publications they produced, Human Sexual Response in 1966 and Human Sexual Inadequacy in 1970.
41) Following Masters and Johnson's report in Human Sexual Inadequacy that brief behavioral therapy and techniques they used to treat what they called "sexual dysfunction" attained 80 percent success rates, (42) a plethora of sex therapists rushed into business.
50) The social and regulatory environment in the years from 1957 (when Masters began his research) to the early 1970s (when the impact of Human Sexual Inadequacy peaked) did, in fact, create an ideal climate for Masters and Johnson's iconoclastic studies and publications.
at 181; see also MASTERS & JOHNSON, HUMAN SEXUAL INADEQUACY, supra note 18, at 146-54.
MASTERS & JOHNSON, HUMAN SEXUAL INADEQUACY, supra note 18, at v ("It is to be hoped that human sexual inadequacy, both the entity and this book, will be rendered obsolete in the next decade.
In their second book, Human Sexual Inadequacy, Masters and Johnson describe the intensive treatments they administered to 510 marital units, with each treatment lasting two weeks at their St.
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