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Derrida speaks in a prophetic mode at the conclusion of this essay as he ponders the emergence of a radically new cultural epoch now that we have finally come to understand ourselves as in a sense both producers and products of the systems of signs through which all of human culture has always been generated:
Of course, Carroll does not deny that human culture is a special part of the natural world and that it requires special tools of description and understanding.
To neglect it and pretend that it has no significance is to impoverish human culture while, on the contrary, to record and comprehend this fact means to enrich culture.
Black Mountain, NC: Permaculture Fundamentals Course: Permaculture is about designing and living in a regenerative human culture.
Recognizing the inevitability of globalization, the clear articulation of the Global Ethic reflects the initiative and positive choice made by humans in deciding their own fate and is an orienting symbol of a great new Copernican turn in the history of human culture.
The author cites the earlier work of Johan Huizinga, whose book, Homo Ludens directed serious attention to the importance of play in human culture.
Emotionally intelligent individuals have the ability to be in control of themselves and the way that they respond to any situation or person, enabling them to maximize their unique abilities, apply their knowledge to developing personal competencies, achieve goals based on both intellect and values, and participate meaningfully in human culture.
In a new eight-part radio series on human culture and the natural world, David Suzuki will look at where we are at this unprecedented period in human history.
This rule of reciprocation, and the sense of obligation that goes with it, is pervasive in human culture.
Set in the dangerous and disturbingly mediated context of the Gulf War, Hebert's ambitious feature is an intelligent examination of technological dependency, systems of false knowledge, and the oddly persistent necessity of narrative in human culture.
The critically acclaimed Of Wolves and Men combines scientific information, folklore, and essays on the wolf's role in human culture.

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