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Ecology a small community of plants within a larger association



in its broad sense the aggregate of the historically established forms of joint human activity.

Society, a unique and the highest stage in the development of living beings, manifests itself in the functioning and development of social organizations, institutions, and groups, and in the inner workings of class and other social contradictions. In its narrow sense “society” can mean a historically specific type of social system, such as a capitalist society; a particular social structure belonging to such a type, such as Japanese feudalism; or a particular form of social relations, for example, society as contrasted to the state in Hegel.

The central problem of all theories of society throughout the history of sociophilosophical thought has been the explanation of the nature of social ties and of man’s correspondingly social nature. Different solutions of this problem also determine to a great degree the treatment of different types of social activity, including individual actions. A truly scientific theory of society was first created by the founders of Marxism-Leninism.


A secondary or minor plant community forming part of a community.
An organization of individuals of the same species in which there are divisions of resources and of labor as well as mutual dependence.
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Concerning the means of procuring unity; men must beware, that in the procuring, or reuniting, of religious unity, they do not dissolve and deface the laws of charity, and of human society.
Not a tie holds me to human society at this moment--not a charm or hope calls me where my fellow-creatures are--none that saw me would have a kind thought or a good wish for me.
I will only say that when I had no wish to see you, Bunny, I must have been quite unfit for human society, and it was the act of a friend to deny you mine.
Evil: I am divided from mankind - a solitaire; one banished from human society.
For beggary a man is not chased out of human society with a stick, he is swept out with a broom, so as to make it as humiliating as possible; and quite right, too, forasmuch as in beggary I am ready to be the first to humiliate myself.
1 - The continuation of human life: Human society extends over time through the procreative power of heterosexual couples who transmit life.
But in the space of 30 pages, Chomsky restores Smith to his place among the great liberal thinkers who saw, in human labor and self-determination, the roots of a truly human society.
But moving toward a democratic socialist society is one step toward the discovery of what a human society might actually be.
In India, Jawaharlal Nehru proclaimed that "the Soviet Revolution had advanced human society by a great leap and had lit a bright flame which could not be smothered and that it laid the foundation for a new civilization toward which the world could advance.
Because the concept of nature has become increasingly isolated from human society in the Western world, researchers have developed an unfortunate tendency to ignore widespread animistic beliefs or relegate them to an outdated category of "primitive" thought, Palsson argues.
His book, The Gates of Janus, Serial Killing and its Analysis, viciously attacks religion, human nature, the behaviour of elites in human society, police chiefs, authors, journalists and judges.