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A humic coal mineral.
A series of magnesium neosilicate minerals closely related in crystal structure and chemical composition.



a mineral of the silicate class, named for the English geologist and mineral collector A. Hume (1749–1838); in structure, isolated Si04 tetrahedrons with (OH) and F−1 anions attached. Chemical composition, Mg7 [Si04]3(F, OH)2. Humite crystallizes in a rhombic system, forming small dipyramidal crystals and amorphous colorless or honey-yellow grains. Hardness on the mineral scale, 6–6.5; density, 3,100–3,200 kg/m3. Humite is found as a relatively rare mineral in contact-marbled limestones.

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Ti-clinohumite (low PHF), a mineral of the humite group, formed in forsterite marbles and may be stabilized by the presence of Ti (probably as a result of the formation of titanite reaction rims around rutile.
In order to compare monoclinic members of the humite group with orthorhombic members, some mineralogists use a monoclinic unit cell which has its a and b parameters equivalent to the a and b parameters of the orthorhombic cell.
Although the associations placed the tentative identification of humite in question, no further work was done due to paucity of material.