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see weekweek,
period of time shorter than the month, commonly seven days. The ancient Egyptians used a 10-day period, as did the French under the short-lived French Revolutionary calendar.
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(in Russian, Sreda; full name Moscow Literary Wednesday), a literary group that existed from 1899 to 1916. It was founded by N. D. Teleshov, in whose apartment the group met. The members of Wednesday included M. Gorky, I. A. Bunin, A. I. Kuprin, V. V. Veresaev, Skitalets, L. N. Andreev, A. S. Serafimovich, and S. A. Naidenov. The Znanie (Knowledge) collections were compiled from the members’ works, which later formed the content of the Slovo (The Word) collections published by the Writers’ Publishing House.

Wednesday was instrumental in the development of democratic Russian literature of the early 20th century. After the defeat of the Revolution of 1905–07, the group’s character changed: a split took place within Wednesday and a new group, Young Wednesday, was established with a more heterogeneous membership that included Iu. A. Bunin, I. S. Shmelev, and B. A. Pil’-niak. Many members of the original Wednesday group who joined the new group were associated with the Writers’ Publishing House.


Teleshov, N. Zapiskipisatelia. Moscow, 1966.
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