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Humperdinck, Engelbert

(hŭm`pərdĭngk, Ger. ĕng`əlbĕrt ho͝om`pərdĭngk), 1854–1921, German composer and teacher. He is known chiefly for his first opera, Hänsel und Gretel (1893), successful because of its fairy-tale subject and its folk-inspired music. He wrote other operas and dramatic music which are mostly forgotten.
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Engelbert Humperdink needed his belts tightened - he'd lost weight - and he wanted his half-boots colored vanilla.
Performing at the Astor Club in support of Engelbert Humperdink, the band had a dressing room next to the waiters' station and spotted a succulent T-bone steak on a tray.
Not only that, but Petula Clark (This Is My Song) and Engelbert Humperdink (Release Me) prevented The Beatles getting to number one with Strawberry Fields Forever.
I saw acts like Tom Jones, Engelbert Humperdink, Roy Orbison, Marmalade and Mary Hopkin.
* I FEEL sorry that Humperdink didn't win the Eurovision Song Contest.
Only Engelbert Humperdink made less of an impact in Europe - even though he beat the Norwegians as well - but the boss believes the first steps have been taken.
[bar] CHART TOPPER: Carol Auckland, right, and Heather Callender meet Engelbert Humperdink at Whitely Willows Mill in 1967.
EUROVISION HOPE: Engelbert Humperdink has sold 150 million albums, but who has one?
Natoli's husband, John, and his two brothers, Peter and Dennis, were the other members.) They had tremendous success, appearing with many of the biggest entertainment names of the day, including Natalie Cole, Englebert Humperdink, Rodney Dangerfield, Jay Leno and Billy Crystal.
So anyway, my new dental lady completely numbs me up and I'm, like, touching my bottom lip and it feels huge and as if it belongs to someone else - Englebert Humperdink, perhaps.
Nigel Havers huffed, Engelbert Humperdink was bursting for the loo and even Victoria Beckham was up there - admittedly with concrete wellies in case she blew away.