(Red Banner), a political journal, an organ of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. Founded in 1958, Hung-ch’i is published in Peking.

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Edited by Chih-Pei Chang, Hung-Chi Kuo, Ngar-Cheung Lau, et al.
The supervisor lifted through a pile of forms that had turned yellow through age and found that her foster father Chang Hung-chi and foster mother Kuo Ching-ching are still providing foster care.
The famous Taiwanese prose writer Hung-Chi Liao was born in 1957 in Hualien county, the eastern part of Taiwan.
Most critical analysis of Hung-Chi Liao's literature has focused on the Taiwanese culture and the ritual of the fisherman's life; it seldom discusses how the ocean or the cetacean imagination creates an affective process of becoming for spiritual transmutation.
In particular, we can employ this understanding to interpret better Hung-Chi Liao's long-term life struggles and his creative writings on cetacean imagination.
The visual perception of the ocean indeed invites the creative writers, like Hung-Chi Liao, to the threshold of spiritual transmutation.
Liang-Yuh and Hung-Chi (2000) modifies Paknejad et al.
17] Liang-Yuh Ouyang and Hung-Chi Chang (2000), "Mixture Inventory Model Involving Setup Cost Reduction with a Service Level Constraint", OPSEARCH, 37(4) 327-339.
Chiang Hung-chi made a flower offering at a memorial stone built near the crash site by the families of victims of the crash April 26, 1994.
Shih Hung-chi, head of the Hengchun power plant operated by Taiwan Power Company, said fuel rods are not radioactive before use in a reactor, the agency reported.
Hung-Chi Chen re-created her appearance and gave her a new lease on life.
Emily Shu-hui Tsai's essay reads Taiwanese writer Hung-Chi Liao's poetic writing on ocean, whales and dolphins in terms of Deleuzian notions, such as immanence, affects and becoming, and her reading sheds new light on Liao's prose pieces.