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(Red Banner), a political journal, an organ of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. Founded in 1958, Hung-ch’i is published in Peking.

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However, Majorenko hinted the execution of Lee Hung-chi at the end of August, the first case since President Tsai Ing-wen took office in May, 2016, might have brought some changes to the general situation.
Edited by Chih-Pei Chang, Hung-Chi Kuo, Ngar-Cheung Lau, et al.
The famous Taiwanese prose writer Hung-Chi Liao was born in 1957 in Hualien county, the eastern part of Taiwan.
Most critical analysis of Hung-Chi Liao's literature has focused on the Taiwanese culture and the ritual of the fisherman's life; it seldom discusses how the ocean or the cetacean imagination creates an affective process of becoming for spiritual transmutation.
Liang-Yuh and Hung-Chi (2000) modifies Paknejad et al.'s inventory model by relaxing the assumption that the stochastic demand during lead time follows a specific probability distribution and by considering that the unsatisfied demands are partially backordered.
[17] Liang-Yuh Ouyang and Hung-Chi Chang (2000), "Mixture Inventory Model Involving Setup Cost Reduction with a Service Level Constraint", OPSEARCH, 37(4) 327-339.
Chiang Hung-chi made a flower offering at a memorial stone built near the crash site by the families of victims of the crash April 26, 1994.
Shih Hung-chi, head of the Hengchun power plant operated by Taiwan Power Company, said fuel rods are not radioactive before use in a reactor, the agency reported.
Following the execution of Lee Hung-chi, 39, who was shot Friday afternoon in accordance with the death penalty handed down in his case, several groups have criticized the actions of the Tsai administration.
Emily Shu-hui Tsai's essay reads Taiwanese writer Hung-Chi Liao's poetic writing on ocean, whales and dolphins in terms of Deleuzian notions, such as immanence, affects and becoming, and her reading sheds new light on Liao's prose pieces.
Lee Hung-chi, 39, was shot Friday afternoon, the Ministry of Justice said.
The supervisor lifted through a pile of forms that had turned yellow through age and found that her foster father Chang Hung-chi and foster mother Kuo Ching-ching are still providing foster care.