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These were the National Savings Bank (NSB) set up to provide banking services for households and the Hungarian Foreign Trade Bank (HFTB) specialized in the financing of foreign trade.
28 /PRNewswire/ -- Standard & Poor's today upgraded its ratings based on public information, or 'pi' ratings, of Hungarian Foreign Trade Bank Ltd.
Banesto, Bank Cantrade (Switzerland), Bank Delovaya Rossiya, Bank Gesellschaft Berlin, Bank Rakyat Indonesia, Bank Vorzozhdeniye, Bankers Trust, Caboto, Credit Suisse First Boston, Export Development Bank (BRE), First Commercial Bank of Taiwan, Hungarian Foreign Trade Bank (MKB), Ionian and Popular Bank of Greece, National Bank of Uzbekistan, National Savings and Commercial Bank, (OTP), Nikko Europe, Nordic Investment Bank, Societe D'Emission et de Credit Caisse D'Epargne, Sudwestdeutsche Landesbank, Threadneedle Asset Management, Verwaltungs und Privat Bank,

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