Hungarian Partridge

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Hungarian Partridge


(Perdix perdix), European gray partridge, a bird of the family Phasianidae of the order Galli-formes. The body is about 35 cm long. The male reaches a weight of 500 g, and the female 350 g. The gray plumage is marked by dark, transverse speckling. There are brown stripes on the sides and a horseshoe-shaped brown patch on the abdomen. The coloration of the females is more subdued than that of the males.

The Hungarian partridge is distributed in Europe and Western Asia. In the USSR it is present from the western borders to Western Siberia and Kazakhstan. The bird lives in fields and bushy steppes and meadows; it sometimes is found near field-protecting forest strips. Nesting is on the ground. A clutch contains 12 to 20 eggs, which are incubated by both the female and the male for 24 or 25 days. Both parents raise the young. The Hungarian partridge feeds on seeds, plant shoots, and insects (particularly certain pests of field crops). The bird is a popular game bird and is often raised for this purpose. The related species P. dauricae, which is distributed from Kazakhstan through southern Siberia to the Primor’e, is raised as a game bird on farms outside Moscow and in other regions.

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Caption: The Benelli Ethos 12-gauge worked equally well on open-country pheasants and late-season Hungarian partridge.
15--and to ducks and geese during the fall seasons w with maybe even the bonus of a few Hungarian partridge.
Hunt pheasant, chukar, quail and Hungarian partridge over 3,000 acres of wilderness canyons and meadows.
Or perhaps a badger, porcupine or rattlesnake if we were chasing Hungarian partridge on the western prairie.
31: Closing day for: statewide cougar; Eastern Oregon bear; chukar and Hungarian partridge in Umatilla and Morrow counties; and Mountain quail season in Klamath and Wallowa counties.
Show me a dog who can consistently work Hungarian partridge or point every ruffed grouse he comes across and I'll buy him.
But if someone twisted my arm long enough and hard enough, I might eventually confess to the Hungarian partridge being my favorite.
When Snell answered his cell phone last October for this interview, he was hunting sharptailed grouse and Hungarian partridge in Montana--and testing some new GPS collars.
ONE OF MY favorite hunts each year is with a couple of friends who live in excellent sharptail and Hungarian partridge country.
West will hunt ruffed grouse in the north woods, waterfowl in North Dakota and Montana sharptails and Hungarian partridge this year, but that's not all.
I have shot Hungarian partridge from California to Maryland and at several points in between, but few preserve owners in the Deep South have yet to discover what an excellent game bird it is.
Ideally, I recommend taking this gun with 1 - to 1 1/8-ounce loads to the grouse woods, woodcock bottoms, quail brambles or sharptail and Hungarian partridge prairies, maybe even some early-season wild pheasant and especially preserve gunning of any kind.

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