Hungarian Telegraph Agency

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Hungarian Telegraph Agency


(Magyar Távirati Iroda, MTI), the official information agency of the Hungarian People’s Republic. The agency was founded in 1880 and has an extensive network of foreign correspondents. (It has its own correspondents in 17 countries.) It is connected with more than 20 news agencies of other countries (including TASS, Reuters, Associated Press, United Press International, and Agence France-Presse) by regular cooperation agreements. It transmits daily news about the major events of domestic and international life to Hungarian organs of the press, radio, and television. The agency periodically issues bulletins in Russian, French, and English for the information of organs of the foreign press. Twice a month it publishes the bulletin Magyar Hirek (News From the Homeland) in Hungarian, and since 1967 it has published the newspapers Neueste Nachrichten (Daily News) in German and Daily News (in English).


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It is among the ten agencies that operated in the 1890s, along with Havas (established in 1835, predecessor to Agence France-Presse, which was set up in 1944), Reuters (established 1851) and Press Association (1868), the Danish Ritzaus Bureau (1866), the Norwegian Telegraph Bureau (1867), the Hungarian Telegraph Agency (1880), the Lehtikuva Finnish Telegraph Bureau (1887), the Swiss Telegraph Agency (1894), and Harbour News Association (est.

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