Hungry Horse Dam

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Hungry Horse Dam,

564 ft (172 m) high and 2,115 ft (645 m) long, NW Mont. on the southern fork of the Flathead River. A major unit in the development program for the Columbia River basin, it was built (1948–53) to provide hydroelectric power, flood control, and irrigation. Hungry Horse Reservoir, formed by the dam, extends c.35 mi (55 km) upstream.
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CFAC opened in 1955 as the primary customer of hydroelectricity produced at Hungry Horse Dam, just up the Flathead River.
In the early 1950s; the Bureau of Reclamation and Bonneville, Power Administration built Hungry Horse Dam and Reservoir on the South Fork's lower stretch near Kalispell, Mont.
The Hungry Horse Dam in Montana has a curved single arch design made of concrete.
The Hungry Horse Dam is an arch-shaped concrete dam.
Recreation sites such as the Hungry Horse Dam, Libby Dam, Fort Peck Dam, Lewis & Clark Caverns, and the Bison Range all experienced increased visitation.