Hunting Shot

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Shot, Hunting


small metal pellets (sometimes cubes); a component part of a cartridge (shell) designed for firing from smoothbore hunting weapons. Shot is made from lead, with the addition of a small amount of antimony and arsenic. The pellets are sometimes coated with copper, chromium, or nickel. The dimensions of hunting shot are identical in most countries, but they have different designations.

In the USSR, hunting shot is designated by numbers from 12 (small shot with a diameter of 1.25 mm) to 0000 (5 mm). The difference in diameter between shot of two consecutive size numbers is 0.25 mm. Shot nos. 12, 11, and 10 are called small shot; shot with a diameter exceeding 5 mm is called buckshot. In the majority of foreign states the size of shot is expressed in millimeters; less frequently, by a letter designation. Hunting shot is manufactured in shot-casting plants and by stamping.

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The man had been shot with a hunting shot gun and was treated for wounds to his right temple, shoulder blade and back.
In training, do everything you can, both physically and mentally, to simulate a hunting shot. As your skills become refined and groups grow tighter, your confidence will increase.
6:30 p.m.: Pleasant Street, person bow hunting shot a deer and was waiting for friend to help track it.
Such rifles give the shooter a very good workout, since it takes about four pumps for target work and at least eight pumps for a hunting shot, and they get progressively harder to pump.
Police seized stolen hunting shot guns and other stuff from the abandoned van.
It is illegal to light any kind of firework without prior permission and owning a gun, aside from licensed hunting shot guns, is also prohibited and punishable by a mandatory, although flexible, jail term.
Most situations where a long-range hunting shot might present itself occur in terrain where you are likely to hit a rocky background anyway should you miss your quarry, at any distance.
Eillis McDermott QC, representing the family of Patrick Doherty, shot while attempting to crawl to safety, accused Soldier F of using a hunting shot to take him out.
Do not try an extreme-range hunting shot unless you already know you can hit consistently at that distance.
This could prove particularly useful during awkward hunting shots. The IQ Bowsight features four-axis adjustability and, because it uses no batteries, is Pope and Young legal.