Hurban, Josef Miloslav

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Hurban, Josef Miloslav


Born Mar. 19, 1817, in Be-ckov; died Feb. 21, 1888, in Hlboké. Slovak writer and public figure. Associate of L. Ŝtúr.

From 1842 to 1877 (with interruptions), Hurban published the literary anthology Nitra. In 1846 he founded the journal Slovensky Pohlady. Hurban was one of the leaders of the Slovak uprising of 1848. Beginning in 1869 he edited the newspaper Církevni listy in which he defended the rights of the Slovak language; for this he was persecuted by the authorities.


Cesta slowáke ku bratzüm slawánskym na Morawě a w Čechách. Pešt. 1841.


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