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see Sulayman ISulayman I
or Sulayman the Magnificent,
1494–1566, Ottoman sultan (1520–66), son and successor of Selim I. He is known as Sulayman II when considered as a successor of King Solomon of the Bible and Qur'an.
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, Ottoman sultan.
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Asena devoted his play "The First Years (Hurrem Sultan)" to the relationship between Suleiman the Magnificent and Hurrem Sultan (also referred to as Roxelana), who played a significant role in the history of the Ottoman Empire.
2) Bu pazarin ilk defa Kanuni'nin zevcesi Haseki Hurrem Sultan'in destegiyle, kendisine ait olan Haseki Darussifa ve imareti'nin yakininda kuruldugu kaydedilmektedir.
The wife of Ottoman Sultan Suleyman, Hurrem Sultan, endowned numerous madrasas, in addition to other charitable works such as hospitals, public baths, and soup kitchens.
Dubbed from a Turkish show called Muhte em Yuzyil (The Magnificent Century), the drama about the life of Ottoman Sultan Sulaiman I, often known as Sulaiman the Magnificent, and the slave girl who wins his heart, Hurrem Sultan, had all the elements of a hit TV show: sumptuous costumes and a mix of romance and history, all set against a backdrop of power struggles at the peak of the Ottoman empire in the 16th Century.
Combined with a Hurrem Sultan lounge, life-size replicas of Istanbul's famous Grand Bazaar and Blue Mosque as well as a photo-booth where people could dress up as their favourite characters from popular Turkish TV plays, the festival proved to be memorable for all who attended.
The contest is named after Hurrem Sultan who was the favorite consort and later the legal wife of Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent.
Bircan Kayaaslan, Pinar Onuguru, Ahmet Sertcelik, Aliye Bastug, Ipek Mumcuoglu, Halide Aslaner, Ayse But, Selim Sirri Eren, Meltem Arzu Yetkin, Esragul Akinci, Hurrem Bodur
During their stay in Istanbul, they got in touch with Aurelio Santa Croce, the Habsburg spymaster in the city, Hurrem Bey, a renegade from Lucca and the imperial dragoman (interpreter of the Imperial Council, Divan-i Humayun tercumani) on Habsburg payroll, and two new potential Habsburg informants: Murad Aga, the Lucan mayordomo (kahya) of Uluc Ali whom Habsburg agents Alferez Francisco de orejon and Matheo Pozo had contacted in 1567, and lorenzo Saminiate, the resident of Lucca in Constantinople and a relative of a Habsburg official.
German/Turkish actress Meryem Uzerli is among the Arab world's best-known young stars, thanks to hit Turkish soap "Magnificent Century," in which she played Hurrem Sultan, a seductive former slave who becomes the powerful wife of 16th century Ottoman emperor Suleiman.
20: NABAT ALI (P J Smullen, 9-2) 1; Overland Express (4-1) 2; Hurrem Sultan (5-4f) 3.
The historical image of Soliman's devotion to Hurrem (i.
These women included Hurrem (also called Roxelana or Roxolana), wife of Suleyman I (r.