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or Sulayman the Magnificent,
1494–1566, Ottoman sultan (1520–66), son and successor of Selim I. He is known as Sulayman II when considered as a successor of King Solomon of the Bible and Qur'an.
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, Ottoman sultan.
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In 2011, it introduced us to Muhtesem YE-zy?l (Magnificent Century), an epic historical drama launched, based on the life and court of the Ottoman Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent, the longest-reigning Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, and his wife Hurrem Sultan.
Another woman with an astonishing life was Roxelana, later known as Hurrem Sultan.
While Peirce shows us that the story of Roxelana (later known as Hurrem) started as a classic story of the early modern Ottoman world, she illustrates how her life's experience became completely unprecedented, leaving a lasting impact on the organization and imagination of the empire.
Hurrem Ahu Kalfa, who has a Turkish father and Saudi Arabian mother, is a blogger and organizer of fashion events for wealthy and devout women in Turkey.
150-65), who narrates again the astonishing story of Suleyman the Lawgiver, who one day fell in love with one of his concubines, Hurrem, a Serbian by origin.
yuzyillarda Osmanli saray kadinlarindan Hurrem, Nurbanu, Safiye ve Kosem Sultanlar Avrupali yoneticiler ve elcilerle gonderdikleri hediyeler ve mektuplar yoluyla haberlesmis ve yogun diplomatik faaliyetler ustlenmislerdir.
Neriman Aksu Koca (1), Irmak Baran (1), Meltem Arzu Yetkin (2), Dilek Kanyilmaz (3), Ipek Mumcuoglu (1), Hatice Yagmurdur (4), Aliye Bastug (2), Sema Alacam (1), Nevzat Mehmet Mutlu (4), Hurrem Bodur (2),
The appearance of such historical dramas as "Mad Ibrahim" and "Selim III" (Turan Oflazoglu), "Hurrem Sultan" (Orhan Asena), "I am Mimar Sinan" (Turgut Ozakman), "If I Were Yunus" (Nihat Asyali), "Goncagul's Pen Name" and "Parents" (Oktay Arayici), "Yunus Emre" (Recep Bilginer) and "Our Love is the Biggest Fire in Aksaray" (Gungor Dilmen) was rather exceptions than the rule.
(1) Magnificent Century (Muhtesem Yuzyil, 2011-2014) is a historical drama focusing on the lives of Sultan Suleyman and his wife, Hurrem. The series has been sold to 47 countries (Williams, 2013).
(2) Bu pazarin ilk defa Kanuni'nin zevcesi Haseki Hurrem Sultan'in destegiyle, kendisine ait olan Haseki Darussifa ve imareti'nin yakininda kuruldugu kaydedilmektedir.
The wife of Ottoman Sultan Suleyman, Hurrem Sultan, endowned numerous madrasas, in addition to other charitable works such as hospitals, public baths, and soup kitchens.