Hus Day

Hus (Jan) Day

July 6
Jan Hus Day is celebrated in the Czech Republic to commemorate Jan Hus, an early 15th century Czech priest, theologian, and reformer. Hus was a critic of the Catholic Church's activities during the reign of King Wenceslas IV. Many clergymen had obtained positions of power in the royal administration and had accumulated wealth and property. Hus advocated the idea of a poor Church that limited itself to Biblical teachings and spiritual affairs. Hus was summoned to the ecclesiastical Council of Constance in 1414. When he refused to recant his teachings, Hus was excommunicated and burnt at the stake on July 6, 1415. Over the centuries, Hus has become a symbol of Czech independence and courage.
Jan Hus Day is a national holiday in the Czech Republic. A wreath is placed on his monument in Old Town Square in Prague, and the national flag is flown at all public places.
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