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For some names spelled thus, use Husein or Hussein.
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When he discovered a copy of the Gospel of Matthew, he was entranced by the work in general but gripped by the sacrifice of the innocent Christ, which bore such a strong resemblance to the death of Husayn. "Why did I long for sacrifice?" he asks.
"We say to Husayn, peace be upon him, as our imams and sages have said throughout history: 'To the small trifles of the world, all in the hands of Allah."
Shaykh Dr Husayn bn Abdulaziz Aly Shaykh admonished Muslims to be of the best of character and discipline.
Husayn Shahrur highlighting the importance of transparency and visibility to national interests.
The sentiment behind the ritual is to show remorse and observe penance for the fact that they were not there to fight alongside Husayn in the battle and save his life, ( Oddee reported. 
Those sent to Oman were Al Khadr Abdallah Muhammad Al Yafi, about 44, who had been held for 13 years; Abdul Rahaman Atah Mahmood Shubatti, about 32 and imprisoned for 12 years; Fadil Husayn Salih Hintif, about 33 and imprisoned for 12 years; and Mohammed Ahmed Salam, 34, who was detained for 12 years.
Two separate statements by the US Department of Defense on Thursday said that Salah Mohammed Salih Al-Dhabi, Abdel Ghaib Ahmad Hakim, and Abdul Khaled Al-Baydani were transferred from the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay to the Government of Georgia, and Hashim Bin Ali Bin Amor Sliti and Husayn Salim Muhammad Al-Mutari Yafai were transferred from the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay to the Government of Slovakia.
Last week, with the start of the Shi'ite mourning month of Muharram--the first month of the Islamic calendar--Rouhani tried to use the story of Karbala and the martyrdom of Husayn, the third Imam of Twelver Shi'ites, to justify negotiations with the "infidel."
During the holiday, the Shi'a community mourns the martyrdom of Husayn, grandson of the Prophet Muhammad, who died with 72 family members at the Battle of Karbala.
[15] Husayni Shah 'Abd al-'Azimi, Husayn ibn Ahmad.
While there have been numerous books on Ghalib's work in the past, beginning with his pupil/contemporary Altaf Husayn Hali, it was in 1921 that Baba-e Urdu Maulvi Abdul Haq published this celebrated essay of Dr Abdurrahman Bijnouri.
In telling this tale Anderson discusses the usual suspects: Mark Sykes, Henry McMahon, King Husayn, Faisal ibn Husayn, Lord Kitchener, and a host of others.