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As well as the community order, Hush was told to do 200 hours of unpaid work.
Judith Curry, for Hush, said Mr Willins, who was nicknamed Big Andy did not die directly from taking cocaine but instead suffered underlying heart problems he was not aware of.
The award for Hush comes on the back of recently announced Production Growth Fund support for Trainspotting 2 (500,000) and Churchill (250,000), both currently being filmed in Scotland.
He estimates that by controlling battery drain by as much as 16%, smartphone owners should be able to notice a slight improvement in the battery life of their phone when they use HUSH.
Hush Hush asks compelling, never predictably answered, questions about individual choices, expectations and responsibilities of parenthood, and .
The name hush, quite simply, alludes to beauty secrets or solving those little nuances that nobody likes to talk about.
Throughout Hush Hush, Barthelme captures a man's desire for meaning, his need for excitement, and his quest for love.
BEIRUT: A Syrian Kurdish man was killed in a car accident on the Hush Highway near Tyre in south Lebanon, the state-run National News Agency reported on Monday.
There will definitely be a kind of Hush around the Melbourne Cricket Ground when Team Wales enter the stadium for the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony next year.
Caddy says he had steadfastly turned down offers of hush money for his clients, an assertion supported by testimony in at least one Watergate-related trial.
Another session, "The Hush Hush Secrets to Getting Published" is a writing workshop for readers who want to become published authors.
Self-confessed ``Great British Battleaxe'' Christine flashes across the pages of the nation's magazines in a new advertisement for another unlikely pairing - she is promoting Hush Puppies.