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We deal briefly with the case of a Huyghens type field, namely a [THETA](4)-invariant gravitational field such that the vanishing of the gravitational disturbance on a time interval implies the establishment of a universal stationary state.
That he didn't was a source of regret to his early champion, the humanist poet-statesman, Constantijn Huyghens, a perceptive talent-spotter who wrote enthusiastically about the painter's abilities between 1629 and 1631, when Rembrandt was in his early twenties--the earliest critical comments on the artist.
They recall the "cockpit of a studio" at 6 Rue Huyghens where they first gathered, cramped and cold, to hear each other's music.
Ruan Yingzheng, "Synthesis of Reflected Seismic Wavefield by Complex Huyghens' Principle," J.
The royal family, delighted with Le mariage force, called for a repeat performance on 31 January, and the king's brother invited Moliere's troupe to give it twice more in his wife's apartments at the Palais Royal.(6) The Dutch mathematician Christian Huyghens, who frequented court entertainments while in Paris, wrote about one of these performances:
On the whole we were impressed by the care with which Earman tackled the arguments of historical figures (Leibniz, Huyghens, Berkeley, and Kant) and translated their ideas into modern terms; but Earman's treatment of Mach is brusque and unsympathetic.
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