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in the Bible, nephew of Abraham.
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The victory will pave the ground for the Iraqi army to clean up the city center from the ISIL terrorists and rebuild the bridge connecting Huz and the Southern outskirts of Ramadi, including Qadisiya region, which in turn would facilitated dispatch of troops and arms logistics to the Iraqi forces.
"Security forces entered the area of Huz at dawn," a spokesman for Anbar province's police, Yasser Al-Dulaimi, said.
Jeff Gleba, MS, is Special Populations unit director; Donald Zalucki, is director, Bureau of Program and Policy Development; and Steven Huz, PhD, is research scientist for the New York State Office of Mental Health, Albany, NY.
En la Sumaria relacion, 1621, se dice, en esta linea: <<deseaban en gran manera los bohemios mudanza de estado por ser casi todos herejes dende el ano 1370, que Juan Huz, Juan Wiclef y Jeronimo de Praga, heresiarcas, plantaron entre el bendito grano del santo evangelio la maldita cizana de sus abominables herejias>>.
Huzaifa Khorakiwala (Peacekeeper Huz), Founder,said "Our goal is to achieve a great change in attitude among citizens.
Some unknown persons have started baton charge on a man namely Ackish Huz Abdur Razak and run away from the scene successfully.
(12)Accordingly, Pynchon's Newtonian surveyor avers that, 'To huz [i.e.
With: Emre Aydin, Zulkuf Yildirim, Zulkuf Huz, Velip Huz, Rojda Huz, Devran Huz.
Only three studies on effectiveness, published during the past 10 years, used experimental designs, and two of these are rather dated (Carney & Buttell, 2003; Clark et al., 1998; Evans, Armstrong, Kuppinger, Huz, & McNulty, 1998).
To our knowledge, Huz (1999), Knops (2000) and Shields (2001, 2002) are the only exceptions.
Turns out that some Embra University egg heid huz been comparin' oor patter tae the wuy they talk.