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A hypertext database of publicly accessible Internet sites created and maintained by Peter Scott <scottp@moondog.usask.ca>. Hytelnet currently lists over 1400 sites, including Libraries, Campus-Wide Information Systems, Gopher, WAIS, WWW and Freenets.

Hytelnet software is available for the IBM PC, Macintosh, Unix and VMS systems.

ftp://ftp.usask.ca/pub/hytelnet ( Telnet, login: hytelnet.

Mailing list: listserv@library.berkeley.edu (no subject, body: subscribe hytelnet FirstName LastName).
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Although I am reminded of the first hypertext online catalog index, HyTelnet, created by Peter Scott, and the MyLibrary interface, fostered by Eric Lease Morgan, even those guys probably tried numerous approaches until they produced something very effective.
This group includes individuals such as Peter Scott (HyTelnet), Eric Lease Morgan (North Carolina State University Library Web site), Roy Tennant, (Web4Lib), and Jerry Kuntz (Library Land).
HYTELNET: Contraction of HyperTelnet, a database of Telnet sites linked to many Net resources.
Software programs such as HYTELNET, described below, can provide connection information.
He wrote an application called HyTelnet a few years back, which allowed people to access lots of library catalogs easily.
Peter Scott got the second day of the conference off to a good start with his plenary session on "Indexing Libraries: Past, Present, and Future." Scott, well known for his HYTELNET and webCATS indexes of library OPACs, talked about how he came to create these resources and described some of his current projects.
Two examples of organizational solutions are HYTELNET and Prospero.
We have also provided a menu on the gopher for links to search tools such as VERONICA and to various other connections and gateways for further exploration, such as Hytelnet.
A tip of the modem to Peter Scott, of Hytelnet fame, for the alert on this shopping site online.
Table 1 Networked Resources and Services Currently Taught Number of Programs Resource/Service (n = 37) Electronic Mail 34 Interest Groups, LISTSERVs 35 Directories 20 Remote Login 30 Library Catalogs 36 Database Services 33 Campus-wide Information Systems 32 Bulletin Boards 29 Electronic journals 26 Freenets 24 Other 3 FTP (file transfer) 34 Internet Utilities Gopher and Veronica 31 Archie 28 Wide Area Information Servers (WAIS) 25 HYTELNET 21 World-Wide Web 15 Knowbots 9 Commercial Databases and Vendors DIALOG 33 OCLC 26 OCLC/EPIC 22 OCLC/First Search 18 BRS 8 Nexis/Lexis 6 WilsonLine 2 Infomart 2 RLIN 1 CAN/OLE 1 Data-Star 1 Infoglobe 1 Medline 1 Westlaw 1 Other Resources Compuserve 2 Prodigy 1 CD-ROM servers and products 1 News readers 1
You can search Gopherspace via a battery of tools; Veronicas, Archie, WAIS, Gopher Jewels, Hytelnet, etc.
Users can be directed to front-end programs (already presented in this discussion) such as HYTELNET or LIBS.