Hyatt, John

Hyatt, John (Wesley)

(1837–1920) inventor; born in Starkey, N.Y. An energetic apprentice printer, he embarked on a long career as an inventor with a knife sharpener in 1861. He later developed a water filter, a multiple-needle sewing machine, and the Hyatt roller bearing, which he began producing in his own factory in 1892. His best-known discovery, made in the search of a substitute for the ivory used in billiard balls, was the plastic celluloid, which he created in 1869–70 by mixing pyroxylin, camphor, and alcohol.
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"TJ has shown an interest in coming back to play for us again next season, but he is also in talks with a few European clubs," said Blake, who admitted there were doubts about the futures of Jeremy Hyatt, John Bryant and Perry Lawson as he attempts to rebuild last season's all-conquering squad.
Mark Hyatt, John Clanfield and Ken Rowlands have all stepped down and the Welsh League Division One club are unsure whether they have a future.
Melissa Hyatt, Johns Hopkins's vice president for security, estimates that about 65 members of the department would be officers with the rest supervisors and support staff.