hybrid drive

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hybrid drive

(1) An optical disc drive that supports more than one format. See Blu-ray.

(2) A storage drive with a small amount of solid state flash memory (SSD) and a large amount of hard disk. See solid state hybrid drive and Fusion Drive.

(3) A hard drive with a disk cache made of flash memory. If the next set of data called for by the computer is in the cache, the transfer is much faster than reading from the disk. The capacity of the flash cache is a small percentage of the drive's total space.

RAM Caches: DRAM and SRAM
Since the 1990s, hard drives have had a small dynamic RAM (DRAM) cache built in or on the controller. Because DRAM is faster than flash memory, hybrid drives generally use both DRAM and flash memory caches, and they may use static RAM (SRAM) instead of DRAM because SRAM is even faster. See cache, flash memory, solid state drive, dynamic RAM, static RAM, Robson cache and NV cache.
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Storage comes courtesy of a 508GB hybrid HDD - you get 500GB of HDD
The hybrid HDD leverages the benefits of ample data storage capacity with high-speed processing and quick OS startup that flash memory enables.
The U840 uses a standard processor but the hybrid HDD makes it slower than SSD Ultrabooks.
Bernard shares our vision of the unique and timely opportunity for our company to participate in the rapidly growing worldwide demand for advanced storage solutions to meet the flood of consumer and enterprise products requiring the use of magnetic and Flash media in Hybrid HDD, SSD and HDD sub-systems -- and where Link_A_Media is one of only three worldwide suppliers able to address this entire market," said Dr.
Equipped with the latest high-performance Intel Core i7-4900MQ vPro Processor and cutting-edge NVIDIA Kepler generation Quadro graphics, in addition to a hybrid HDD for high-speed booting and fast processing, the CELSIUS H730 enables an even higher performance work environment.
Our technology leadership for both magnetic and MLC Flash media uniquely positions us to address the emerging SoC needs of our HDD, SSD and Hybrid HDD OEM customers.
The new UltrabookO also boasts enhanced levels of computing performance, with on-board features such as the latest 4th-Generation Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4200U Processor, as well as a 500GB hybrid HDD that enables quick startup for the OS as well as ample storage capacity for data.
Hybrid HDD provides the same instant-on and speed as an SSD with double the storage
Fast, capacious, and economical hybrid HDD and NAND flash storage solutions like the Momentus[R] XT drive will be found in roughly 25 percent of all new PCs shipped in 2015.
Replacement of SSDs with Hybrid HDD for Cost Reduction of
Objective Analysis forecasts for the hybrid HDD market to grow to 600 million units by 2016 to account for $34 billion in revenues.
This "must see" part of the show includes: the Hard Drive Enabled Car from Seagate featuring 120 Gigabytes of storage capacity for navigation, digital music, video, photos, satellite radio, office applications and web browsing; Fujitsu's biometric identification system; Samsung's Hybrid HDD laptop; Hitachi GST's new gaming PCs; and a fully operational STEC Solid State Drive being subjected to insane amounts of shock and vibration.