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The current optical disc format for high-definition (HD) video at 2K resolution (for 4K Blu-ray, see Ultra HD Blu-ray). Developed primarily by Sony, Blu-ray discs have the same diameter as DVDs, but the pits are a third the size on tracks packed more tightly together. As a result, movies with 1,080 lines of resolution can be recorded, compared to 480 or 576 for a DVD (U.S. NTSC format is 480 lines, PAL format is 576 lines). Blu-ray players read CDs and DVDs, support navigation via menus programmed in Java and feature advanced audio and video formats (see Java, Dolby Digital, DTS, H.264, VC-1).

Commentary and Extra Content
All players support Profile 1.0. Bonus View (Profile 1.1) requires 256MB of flash memory and uses a second A/V codec for running picture-in-picture commentary. BD-Live (Profile 2) requires 1GB of flash to access content from the Internet such as scenes that were cut, interviews with the director and actor history. See BD-Live.

Blu-ray History
In 2003, the first Blu-ray recorders were sold in Japan, and in 2006, Sony's PlayStation 3 was one of the early products to feature a Blu-ray drive (see PlayStation). For several years, Blu-ray competed with HD DVD for the new high-res standard, but HD DVD was later abandoned (see HD DVD). See HD formats, Blu-ray 3D, DVD and DTV.

FULL-SIZE 120MM DISCS    Record  ---Modes--Layers          GB  Hours  ROM  RE  RDVD (480/576 lines)
  Single (DVD-5)  4.3   2     X   X   X
  Dual   (DVD-9)  7.9   4     X   X   X

  BLU-RAY (1,080 lines)
  Single          25    4.5   X   X   X
  Dual            50    9     X   X   X
  Triple BDXL    100   18         X   X
  Quad BDXL      128   23             X

    ROM = Read Only (pressed movie disc)RE = REwritableR = Recordable (write once)

Blu-ray and More
The award-winning Oppo BDP-103 plays Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D and DVD movies, numerous video formats from a USB flash drive (orange USB inserted), as well as music from CD, SACD and DVD-Audio discs. "FW Found" means a firmware update is available.

Blu-ray Disc Xtra Large (BDXL)
For permanent archival storage, this Sony optical system records on quad-layer BDXL discs one time only. The plastic demo unit (top) reveals all 12 discs in the 1.5TB cartridge (see table above).
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In addition, the SACD layer in hybrid discs contains the industry's most powerful content protection, utilizing cutting-edge encryption technologies.
This hybrid disc technology was created to service the entertainment and music industries, but has widespread consumer and business applications.
Interestingly, too, the music is being issued by DHM in both an SACD hybrid disc (double layered, two-channel and five-channel) and a regular stereo disc.
A Second layer on the hybrid disc contains the straight stereo format just as issued in 2000.
The surveyed consumers placed considerable value on the amount of recording space available to suit their digital lifestyle, on Hollywood's ability to fit movies, bonus and interactive features on a single disc and on the single-sided Blu-ray Hybrid Disc, which allows both high and standard definition versions of a movie to reside on a single disc that can be viewed in either a Blu-ray player or a DVD player.
In addition to these discs, Toshiba is announcing a triple-layer, high capacity 45GB disc, and a double-sided, double-layer hybrid disc that can store 30GB of high-definition content on one side, with a DVD 9 of standard-definition content on the other.
The hybrid disc can store 30GB of high-definition content on the HD DVD-ROM side and 8.
Utilizing the latest in manufacturing technology, the CD and DVD layers are bonded together to provide a multi-format hybrid disc, which is compatible to all CD, CD-ROM and DVD-ROM formats, and is readable and capable of playback in conventional CD and DVD players and personal computers.
holds a license to manufacture and market DVDPlus(TM) product, the DVD/CD hybrid disc technology from DVDPlus(TM) International.
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