Hydraulic Transmission

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Hydraulic Transmission


a device in which mechanical energy and motion at specified forces (torques) and speeds (rpm) are transmitted and converted by means of a fluid. Hydraulic transmissions are used in ships, diesel locomotives, motor vehicles, aircraft, lathes, machine tools, road-building machinery drives, compressors, ventilators, pumps, and so on. They are classified according to the principle of operation into two basic groups, the positive displacement type and the hydrodynamic type. They are also divided into those that convert or transmit mechanical power (hydraulic power transmissions) and those that convert motion for automatic control purposes.

Hydraulic transmissions may be combined with gearing so that the motion will be transmitted from the driving shaft via the hydraulic transmission, the gearing, or both simultaneously. Devices operating on this principle, known as hy-dromechanical transmissions, transmit larger amounts of power and have a greater control range than is possible with the usual hydraulic transmission.

Hydraulic transmissions are versatile, durable, and easily controlled, and they protect mechanisms from overloading. For these reasons they are widely used in modern machines.

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Two tenders for the supply of (a) a hydraulic transmission for the water feeding pumps serving units 1 and 2 at Kafr El Dawar power station, also (b) spare parts for the air and gases fans at the same station.
A quick look at hydraulic transmission line dynamics may provide insights as to wig this may be true.
CAP has developed and sells Caterpillar Dual-Fuel systems for electronically controlled truck engines and also manufactures and sells its own natural gas injector and hydraulic transmission valves.
The 350D and 400D ADTs incorporate six-speed automatic, planetary drive Allison HD 4560R engine-mounted, electronically controlled hydrodynamic torque converter transmissions with automatic lockup and integral variable hydraulic transmission retarder.
It is actuated and cooled automatically during normal operation using the vehicle's hydraulic transmission oil.
A further attempt at increasing speed range and efficiency of hydraulic transmission is the hydromechanical types.
The hydraulic transmission valve located at the front of the vehicle is composed of several individual circuits.

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