Hydraulic Valve

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Hydraulic Valve


a device in hydraulic machines and drives in which the dimensions of the operating channel vary as a result of the action of the hydraulic fluid passing through it. Hydraulic valves protect the hydraulic system and mechanisms of machines from overloads, provide a specified constant pressure in various branches of a hydraulic system, control the direction of fluid flow, regulate fluid pressure in the various branches of a hydraulic system, create a specified constant pressure drop in various parts of hydraulic systems, and provide a given sequence of actions of the working members in a machine for purposes of interlocking.


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Based on the movement of the valve arm, the hydraulic valve actuators can be classified in to rotary or linear actuating valves.
7, a shows the response of the oil hydraulic cylinder to different inlet pressures and different flows through the oil proportional 4/3 directional control hydraulic valve.
149" to 2" diameter in stamped parts, hydraulic valve bodies, gears and sprockets, parking pawls, rocker arms, turbocharger housings, and similar parts.
Includes a hydraulic valve system designed to minimize back pressure, increasing battery life
Suitable for applications requiring frequent cleaning, MicroEtched screens are used as filters for the medical market, hydraulic valve screens, fuel filters, laser light filters, extruding screens, and for particle separation and sizing.
Senstronics developed highly accurate and stable pressure sensors for Ultronics' electronic hydraulic valve.
Based on the recently launched Multi-Master 180, the plough is primarily designed for on-land draught straight behind the tractor, but it can be switched to in-furrow mode by activating an hydraulic valve.
10 HYDRAULICS - 0pen center type hydraulic system equipped with a three (3) spool hydraulic valve utilizing series-paralleled oil flow, load-check valves for lift and curl functions, circuit relief valves for lift function, loader arm detent-float position, and auxiliary detent-flow position.
Remember that hydraulic valve and line connections tend to leak due to high pressures and shock.
One Rexroth IACR proportional hydraulic valve is assigned to each rolling axis of motion on the machine.
An auxiliary hydraulic valve is standard on each machine.

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