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Accumulation of fluid in the membranes surrounding the testis.



testicular edema; an accumulation of serous fluid in the tunica vaginalis testis that occurs as the result of difficulty in discharging the fluids through the lymphatic vessels.

Hydrocele may be congenital or it may appear with inflammatory diseases of the testis (orchitis), its adnexa (epi-didymitis), or the spermatic cord, or with injuries or neoplasms. The development of hydrocele is also fostered by inguinal hernias and dilation of the veins of the spermatic cord. Treatment for acute hydrocele not accompanied by severe pain and rise in body temperature consists of the elimination of the primary disease; surgical intervention is indicated in cases of chronic hydrocele.

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The treatment of hydrocele of canal of Nuck is complete surgical excision of the hydrocele.
ix) Hydrocele in boys: which of the following are true?
The hydrocele may contain multiple heterogeneous extratesticular nodular masses, ranging in size from a few millimetres to several centimetres, attached to the tunica vaginalis; or a single heterogeneous extratesticular mass arising from the scrotal wall.
The concept of manliness combines sexual functioning and social responsibilities and men whose hydrocele interferes with this concept of male identity are deeply frustrated.
His fever subsided, left sided hydrocele resolved completely, and his blood culture was negative for brucella after completion of treatment.
Globally, more than 1 billion persons are at risk for lymphatic filariasis (LF), a mosquito-transmitted parasitic infection that causes lymphedema and hydrocele.
MRI visualized one hydrocele, one osteoma of the left femur, one enchondroma of the pubic bone, and one dilated left ureter without clinical symptoms or therapeutic relevance.
Risk factors placing a patient in a "high-risk group" for testicular cancer include a history of any one or more of the following: cryptorchidism (undescended testicle), orchiopexy (surgical correction of the undescended testicle), testicular atrophy (degeneration of the testicle), prior diagnosis of mumps, orchitis (inflammation of the testicle), inguinal hernia, hydrocele (fluid around the testicle), and previous testicular cancer (American Academy of Family Physicians, 1994).
The individuals were either patients hospitalized in our department or attending our outpatient department because of nonprostatic diseases (erectile dysfunction, hydrocele, stone disease without obstruction, and infection).
a doctor shone his light on my balls and said hydrocele definitely hydrocele a doctor pricked my soles with a pin and said it's leprosy it's leprosy a doctor slapped my stomach and said an ulcer an ulcer it's an ulcer for sure