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Dispersal of disseminules by water.



the dissemination of the fruits, seeds, and other primordia of plants by means of water currents. Hy-drochory is typical primarily for marsh and water plants, algae, and some kinds of fungi. The adaptations for this means of transmission are various bulges and growths on fruit membranes or seed coats (or special cells, as in the spores of fungi), which are filled with air and act as floating sacs. Plants in which hydrochory occurs include water plantain, arrowhead, flowering rush, bur reed, and pondweed.

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5 mm), corky, and buoyant (Affolter, 1985); thus, hydrochory is expected to be the main mechanism of dispersal.
5 mm), corky, and buoyant (Affolter, 1985) and, for this reason, hydrochory is expected to be the main dispersal mechanism.
Hydrochory, population dynamics and distribution of the clonal aquatic plant Ranunculus lingua.