Hydrographic Survey

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hydrographic survey

[′hī·drə′graf·ik ′sər‚vā]
Survey of a water area with particular reference to tidal currents, submarine relief, and any adjacent land.

Hydrographic Survey


an organization that ensures the safety of navigation on oceans, seas, lakes, reservoirs, and rivers.

The survey has been organized in all countries of the world that have an ocean or river fleet. The hydrographie survey compiles and publishes specialized and general guides and manuals for navigation (navigational charts, sailing directions, tide tables, hydrometric and bathometric maps and atlases), sets up and maintains navigational aids (lighthouses, signal devices, protective markings in channels and fairways), organizes an information system to warn navigators about changes in navigational conditions and sailing courses, and develops shipboard navigational equipment and provides ships with this equipment.

In the USSR the oceanic hydrographie survey is directed by the Hydrographie Administration of the Ministry of Defense of the USSR (established in 1924). At sea the survey is under the direction of the hydrographie administrations and sections of the fleets and flotillas.

On inland waterways—rivers, lakes, and reservoirs—the hydrographical work of supervising ship navigation is carried out by the basin waterway administrations (Glavvodput’) of the Ministry of the River Fleet of the RSFSR and by corresponding directing bodies in other Union republics.


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Hydrographic survey data for more than 7,000 nautical miles was collected during a two-month-long exercise and details of the survey were handed over to the Sri Lankan Navy at a ceremony in Colombo on Friday.
With the hydrographic survey result, NGCP will now proceed with the preparation of a conceptual design, detailed cost-estimate and update of system simulation study using the Cebu-Dipolog route in order to complete documents needed for its ERC application by April this year.
Summary: Italy presented the Lebanese Navy with a vessel specially equipped for conducting hydrographic surveys, at a ceremony held Thursday in the Beirut naval base.
The UUV & USV segment is estimated to hold the highest market share in the hydrographic survey market during the forecast period.
Since 1980, US naval oceanographic ships and Royal Navy of Oman survey vessels have conducted more than a dozen hydrographic surveys.
f) Hydrographic Survey and preparation of Harbour Chart: Detailed hydrographic survey and preparation of Harbour Chart will be taken up as the final stage of work.
The Louis-commissioned map was rubbished by the Greek authorities but a new survey was then carried out by the Hydrographic Office of the Hellenic Navy, which is the official government authority for conducting hydrographic surveys and issuing nautical charts in Greek waters.
However, the team completed a hydrographic survey and determined the average depth of the water to be about 8 feet.
SONARTECH ATLAS design, develops integrates and supports sonar systems in Australia for naval and commercial applications including submarines, mine warfare, hydrographic survey and oceanographic research.
Muscat: Plymouth-based hydrographic survey ship HMS Echo, which was playing an important role in developing Duqm Port, has been diverted to Southern Indian Ocean as part of the ongoing huge search operation for the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370.
Luke, who joined the Royal Navy in 2010 and is currently serving on the Hydrographic Survey vessel HMS Scott, entered into the senior chicken dish class of the competition.
The President and Lakes & Dams Committee contacted several hydrographic survey companies and chose The Mapping Network to provide this service based on experience in the industry and the Mapping Network's clear understanding and attention to the needs of the LWA.

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