Hydrologic Station

Hydrologic Station


(1) An agency of the Hydrometeorological Service of the USSR that observes and studies the hydrologic conditions of bodies of water and territories. (Hydrologic stations on rivers study the water level and temperature, speed of the current, turbidity, and ice phenomena.) Hydrologic stations have observation points (posts) that are equipped with the appropriate devices and instruments. They are classified as river, lake, swamp, water-balance, avalanche, mudflow, glacial, and marine hydrologic stations.

(2) A location at some point at sea (or in a lake) with certain coordinates, where a series of hydrologic observations is made from a vessel, including observations of the condition of the sea (or lake) and the weather, the transparency and color of the water, its temperature and chemical composition at various depths, and the direction and speed of the current.


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Contract awarded for Implementation design work for improvement work of the hydrologic station in 2017

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