Hydrometeorological Scientific Research Center of the Union of Soviet

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Hydrometeorological Scientific Research Center of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics


(Gidromettsentr SSSR), the principal scientific, methodological, and operational institution of the USSR that provides all branches of the national economy with various types of meteorological, hydrological, and agrometeorologi-cal forecasts (including crop forecasts). Located in Moscow, it is one of the three world meteorological centers in the World Weather Service system, and it was formed in 1965 through the amalgamation of the Central Institute of Forecasts and the World Meteorological Center.

The institute processes (by electronic computer) and analyzes information arriving every day from meteorological, aerological, and hydrological stations of the USSR and other countries, as well as from routed vessels and aircraft and particularly from meteorological satellites; it calculates by computer meteorological charts of the future development of atmospheric processes at various elevations (from the earth’s surface up to 15-20 km) above the USSR, the northern hemisphere, and the entire globe. The finished prognostic charts and other materials are fed to local weather service agencies for the compilation of local forecasts. Forecasts and warnings for the general public are issued simultaneously. The center is engaged in research on the development of new and better methods of forecasting and on problems in the automation of information processing. It has a branch (in Obninsk) for gathering regimen data and studying the world’s climate. The center was awarded the Order of Lenin in 1967.


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