Hyper XGA

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Hyper XGA

A category of XGA screen resolutions. The "H" stands for "Hyper" as well as "hex." For example, HXGA is 16 (hex) times the resolution of XGA. See HXGA, HSXGA, HUXGA, WHSXGA, WHUXGA, WHXGA and screen resolution.

 HYPER XGA RESOLUTIONS Aspect H     V    Ratio

   HXGA   4096  3072    4:3
   HSXGA  5120  4096    5:4
   HUXGA  6400  4800    4:3

   WHSXGA 6400  4096   25:16
   WHUXGA 7680  4800   16:10
   WHXGA  5120  3200   16:10
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