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A verbose semicompiled language by Bill Atkinson and Dan Winkler, with loose syntax and high readability.

HyperTalk uses HyperCard as an object management system, development environment and interface builder. Programs are organised into "stacks" of "cards", each of which may have "buttons" and "fields". All data storage is in zero-terminated strings in fields, local, or global variables; all data references are through "chunk expressions" of the form:

'last item of background field "Name List" of card ID 34217'.

Flow of control is event-driven and uses message-passing among scripts that are attached to stack, background, card, field and button objects.

Apple Computer has taken back distribution and maintenance of HyperCard from Claris Corporation

["HyperTalk Language Reference Manual", A-W 1988].
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4's new features include a suite of commands and properties, offering users who write HyperTalk scripts the ability to: establish links from HyperCard stacks to QuickTime movies, QuickTime VR scenes, and the World Wide Web; navigate quickly to predefined locations in a QuickTime movie by searching the movie's text track; resize, flip, mirror, rotate or skew a QuickTime movie in real time; loop a movie, providing continuous play for unattended applications like multimedia kiosks.
Some tools and languages, such as HyperTalk and Visual Basic, indicate that many people will become programmers if the barriers are lowered to learning the language.
The programming was done in HyperTalk and SuperTalk.
That is, a program written in Hypertalk can be converted to a Plus program and will run on an IBM-compatible PC under DOS 5.
In addition to his contributions to the Tele-Garden and the Mercury Project, Gertner's Web-related work includes Hypertalk and KnapSack.
As an early Macintosh and HyperTalk software house which was converted to NeXT in 1989, Stone Design embraces the Apple/NeXT merger.
Automation via AppleScript and new power and flexibility in HyperTalk scripting.
SuperTalk, SuperCard's powerful scripting language that is based on Apple's industry-standard HyperTalk, remains in English, as does the printed documentation and outer packaging.
Cocoa is offered as a visual, demonstrational alternative to Logo, Basic or HyperTalk for teaching problem solving and introductory programming.
1 has been upgraded to include a Media Control stack for operating CD ROMs and videodisk players, and new HyperTalk scripting capabilities.
By relying on SuperTalk, an advanced extension of the industry-standard HyperTalk scripting language, the Allegiant tool suite will enable a much broader base of users to author Web and Internet applications than do currently available tools, such as Java and JavaScript.
SuperTalk, SuperCard's powerful scripting language that is based on Apple's industry standard HyperTalk, remains in English.