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A verbose semicompiled language by Bill Atkinson and Dan Winkler, with loose syntax and high readability.

HyperTalk uses HyperCard as an object management system, development environment and interface builder. Programs are organised into "stacks" of "cards", each of which may have "buttons" and "fields". All data storage is in zero-terminated strings in fields, local, or global variables; all data references are through "chunk expressions" of the form:

'last item of background field "Name List" of card ID 34217'.

Flow of control is event-driven and uses message-passing among scripts that are attached to stack, background, card, field and button objects.

Apple Computer has taken back distribution and maintenance of HyperCard from Claris Corporation

["HyperTalk Language Reference Manual", A-W 1988].
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I then ported the rulebases both as separate entities and as one entire overview to metaCard's Transcript scripting language, which was derived from Pascal / HyperTalk and also uses quasi-English for its instruction.
That experience, together with the history of programming languages during the past 30 years--from Basic to Pascal, from Logo to Smalltalk, from HyperTalk to Lingo--convinced us we could never come up with a language that would work for novices.
To tap the power of HyperCard will require an investment in learning HyperTalk, its programming language.
Some tools and languages, such as HyperTalk and Visual Basic, indicate that many people will become programmers if the barriers are lowered to learning the language.
The programming was done in HyperTalk and SuperTalk.
That is, a program written in Hypertalk can be converted to a Plus program and will run on an IBM-compatible PC under DOS 5.
In 2nd grade, children leam to program using Logo and HyperTalk |TM~.
Introduction to Aldus Persuasion * Introduction to Passport Producer Pro * Introduction to Macromedia Director * Advanced Macromedia Director * Introduction to interText * Introduction to Apple Media Tool * Introduction to Macromedia Authorware Professional * Introduction to HyperTalk
Appendices include the HyperTalk scripts for these stacks, which can be modified to suit other networked information resource activities.
It is somewhat of a moot point to argue over what HyperCard might have been, but it was indeed possible to create HyperCard stacks without having to touch HyperTalk (the scripting language inside HyperCard).