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Excessive sweating, which may be localized or generalized, chronic or acute, and often accumulating in visible drops on the skin. Also known as ephidrosis; polyhidrosis; sudatoria.
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excessive perspiration, disposition to perspire. In healthy persons hyperhidrosis may be observed when there is a high environmental temperature as one of the mechanisms of thermoregulation and with increased physical exertion. General hyperhidrosis may be observed in some endocrine diseases, various infections and intoxications, and also in affection of the hypothalamic region of the brain. Localized hyperhidrosis (for example, sweatiness of the palms, feet, and armpits) may be a function of increased excitability of the nervous system. Hyperhidrosis predisposes one to catarrhal diseases, pustulous and fungal infections (penetration of causative agents through the fragile surface layer of the skin), and friction irritations.

Treatment consists in removal of the cause of hyperhidrosis, hygienic body maintenance, general supporting treatment, sometimes physiotherapy, and topical antiseptic and adsorbent medications.

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"Unfortunately, hyperhidrosis often goes undiagnosed due to a lack of awareness.
"Hyperhidrosis can have a long-term impact if you constantly avoid professions or situations where you interact with people and shake hands," Skelsey said.
"Hyperhidrosis is largely under-diagnosed and undertreated, particularly among pediatric patients," he said.
In hyperhidrosis, the body's cooling mechanism is so overactive that it produces four or
Hyperhidrosis is characterized by excessive sweat production without an environmental or physical trigger (41-43).
I have hyperhidrosis. It's excessive sweating," Duterte said at the start of his speech.
The history of hyperhidrosis was present in 9 (18%) patients in our study, similar to the findings of Lodi et al.10 (17.3%) while a higher percentage of patients was reported to have hyperhidrosis by others.8,9 This is also favoured by aggravation of the disease in hot and humid climate.
In this study, we aimed to present technique and duration of operation, pre- and postoperative complications, and the results of long-term outcomes with palmar and axillary hyperhidrosis patients who underwent ETS.
Hyperhidrosis can be particularly devastating for students at school, and even though so many younger children and teens experience excessive sweating, many are not aware that they have a treatable condition and often are too ashamed or afraid to talk to anyone--even their parents--about the problem.
But approximately 3% of us might find ourselves stickier than others, as certain medications, anxiety and even hormone imbalances can all lead to excessive perspiration, also known as hyperhidrosis.
People who sweat too much (hyperhidrosis) may be susceptible to body odour - often the salt level of their sweat is too high for the bacteria to break down.