hypericum perforatum

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st. john's wort

st. john's wort

Famously used for depression nerves, stress, hopelessness, helplessness, anxiety, alcoholism, insomnia, inflammation, hemorrhoids, menopause, PMS, arthritis, gout, flu, viruses, AIDS, HIV, cancer, diarrhea, back pain, sciatica, bladder problems. A serotonin re-uptake inhibitor. This prevents serotonin from being reabsorbed from the nerve synapse, prolonging serotonins' antidepressant effects. A 2005 study showed it was more effective than Prozac, without the side effects. Contains hyperforin, which protects against gram-positive bacteria. Flowers and leaves can be put into salads or made into tea. Do not take St. John's Wort if you are taking antidepressant drugs- leads to "serotonin syndrome", a condition marked by confusion and cardiovascular irregularities. Also don't use St John's Wort if you are tanning (could burn skin) Named so because it flowers on St. John's day (summer solstice) Has small, narrow opposing leaves with transparent dots throughout the leaves if held up to light. These are the oil glands. Flowers are yellow, 5 petals, with black dots. When flower buds are crushed before they become flowers, a reddish purple liquid comes out. Tea can be used internally or externally for skin conditions, but remember not to go out in the sun after taking it.
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Hypericum preparations prescribed in Russia (rich in hyperphosphorins) were found to be effective against the S.
The whole plant of Hypericum oblongifolium (10 Kg) was collected from Swat, Malakand, in April 2013 by Dr.
Species of the genus Hypericum (Hypericaceae) have been traditionally used in different parts of the world as antiseptic, diuretic, stomachic, wound healing and antimicrobial agents (von Poser et al., 2006), and several reports have confirmed their therapeutical potential.
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1,000 Guineas winner Highclere, herself a granddaughter of the 1946 1,000 Guineas winner Hypericum. Highclere's clan includes Sunday's 1,000 Guineas hope Maqaasid.
Kids Relief Teething, however, is said to help relieve the pain associated with teething (while reducing restlessness, irritability and agitation) with a safe and effective formula consisting of a homeopathic combination of chamomilla, arnica montana, borax and hypericum perforatum in an easy-to-use oral solution.
Each year we are exposed to an expanded offering of hdrangeas, hypericum (when was the last time that you considered a hypericum for inclusion into your landscape?), kolkwitzia, physocarpus, spireas, viburnums, ilex and lilacs.
One coated tablet of the medicinal product, registered by the British MHRA, contains 300 mg of Hypericum extract and 6.4 mg of Cimicifuga extract.