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name sometimes applied to several plants usually characterized by some beardlike aspect, as the St.-John's-wort because of its many stamens and the Kenilworth ivy because of its threadlike runners. Aaron's-beard cactus is Opuntia leucotricha, a true cactus.
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DELICATE: Lily-ofthe valley ALL WHITE: Snow-insummer flowers SUNNY: Hypericum calycinum BIT OF ROUGE: Flowering sedums, and inset, Cotoneaster horizontalis
This species has one drawback ( along with Hypericum calycinum it is more susceptible to rust than others.
The ubiquitous Rose of Sharon (Hypericum calycinum) is a suckering semi-evergreen shrub with bright yellow flowers in mid-late summer.
Mae yna nifer o wahanol blanhigion yn perthyn i deulu'r eurinllys (Clusiacae) ac yn eu plith mae dail y Beiblau ('tutsan' yn Saesneg, Hypericum androsaemum) a rhosyn Saron (Hypericum calycinum).
For a low- growing flowering shrub there is nothing to beat the hypericum calycinum with its gorgeous shaving-brush flowers in late summer and early autumn.