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Condition caused by increased functioning of the parathyroid glands.



a disease caused by excessive production of the hormone of the parathyroid glands, usually occurring as the result of adenoma of those glands.

An excess of parathyroid hormone mobilizes the calcium in the bones, raises its level in the blood and lowers the level of phosphorus, and raises the quantity of calcium and phosphorus in the urine (which is then discharged). Softening and deformation of the bones is the result of this process, making possible spontaneous fracture or fracture caused by minimal injury. Visceropathic forms of hyperparathyroidism are characterized by calcium deposits in the internal organs. The most widespread is the renal form (formation of calculi in the kidneys and urinary tracts). The cause of formation of adenomas in the parathyroid glands is not known. Hyperparathyroidism is more commonly found in women. Treatment involves removal of the tumor; orthopedic treatment is necessary when the disease affects the bones, and removal of the calculi is necessary in nephrolithiasis.


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