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Pathol a sudden change, for better or worse, in the course of a disease



a sharp turning point in the course of a disease that is accompanied by a drop in elevated body temperature and improvement in the patient’s condition.

A crisis usually occurs in acute-onset diseases with a rapid rise in temperature (croupous inflammation of the lungs, malaria, relapsing fever, and so forth). A crisis is associated with profuse sweating, marked weakness, and sometimes a temporary slowing of cardiac activity. A crisis is the opposite of a gradual subsidence of a pathological process and lowering in temperature called lysis. A crisis is to be distinguished from a pseudocrisis, in which there is only a temporary lowering of temperature and improvement in the patient’s condition. A critical drop in temperature may also occur as a result of removal of the suppurative focus from the patient’s body or administration of powerful antimicrobial agents.


The turning point in the course of a disease.
The psychological events associated with a specific stage of life, as an identity crisis or developmental crisis.
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Perioperative pulmonary hypertensive crisis mandates immediate management to decrease pulmonary vascular resistance by pulmonary vasodilators either intravenous or inhalational, inotropic support and identification of the cause.
This is a very serious situation with all the necessary triggers for eliciting a pulmonary hypertensive crisis, including hypoxia, oedema, anxiety, anaemia, hypovolaemia and aspiration.
Introduction: Hypertensive crisis is a pediatric emergency which implies medications with fast action and minimal side effects.
For patients with a risk of a hypertensive crisis or an excess of aldosterone, the adrenal glands should be removed.
If catecholamine levels are elevated, preoperative treatment may include alpha and/or beta blockade to counter catecholamine oversecretion and hypertensive crisis.
Conversely, the MAO inhibitortyramine connection is one that can generate a hypertensive crisis.
Researchers at The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas have identified the underlying mechanism by which cocaine triggers hypertensive crisis, the most-severe form of high blood pressure and one of the most-common cocaine-related, cardiovascular emergencies in the U.
The interaction of tyramine with MAOIs can bring on a hypertensive crisis, a sharp increase in blood pressure that can lead to a stroke.
The Irish Medical Board fears mixing St John's wort with certain drugs or foods - such as red wine, cheese, cough medicine or other anti-depressants - could cause hypertensive crisis.
His pediatrician performs a literature search and learns that phenylpropanolamine in elevated doses may cause cardiac dysrhythmias and dystonic reactions, in addition to the hypertensive crisis Christopher has suffered.
A massive catecholamine release during the procedure manifested itself as a hypertensive crisis, which produced severe vasoconstriction and thereby provoked ischemia of the patient's kidney.

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