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Pathol a sudden change, for better or worse, in the course of a disease



a sharp turning point in the course of a disease that is accompanied by a drop in elevated body temperature and improvement in the patient’s condition.

A crisis usually occurs in acute-onset diseases with a rapid rise in temperature (croupous inflammation of the lungs, malaria, relapsing fever, and so forth). A crisis is associated with profuse sweating, marked weakness, and sometimes a temporary slowing of cardiac activity. A crisis is the opposite of a gradual subsidence of a pathological process and lowering in temperature called lysis. A crisis is to be distinguished from a pseudocrisis, in which there is only a temporary lowering of temperature and improvement in the patient’s condition. A critical drop in temperature may also occur as a result of removal of the suppurative focus from the patient’s body or administration of powerful antimicrobial agents.


The turning point in the course of a disease.
The psychological events associated with a specific stage of life, as an identity crisis or developmental crisis.
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Although serious morbidity associated with hypertension may be uncommon in the paediatric age group following systemic absorption of ocular phenylephrine, pulmonary oedema and cardiac arrhythmias have been reported in an eight-year-old boy after an iatrogenic hypertensive crisis following 10% phenylephrine (2).
The FDA and the label warn that rasagiline may be associated with hypertensive crisis if patients consume tyramine-rich foods and beverages, such as aged cheese, tap beer, and red wine; dietary supplements; or amines contained in cough and cold medicines.
In 60% of cases, the hypertension is sustained, although significant blood pressure lability is common, including episodes of hypertensive crisis.
Patients present to the emergency department in hypertensive crisis because of inadequate treatment, noncompliance, or for an underlying cerebral insult, such as hematoma or head injury.
Borisov, who was admitted to hospital with a hypertensive crisis for a second time in one week on Sunday, met with Hadzhi on Monday, according to the Bulgarian government press office.
One woman had hypertensive crisis with grown sugar level in blood due to endured stress.
Special Considerations: To avoid the risk of hypertensive crisis, patients should restrict dietary tyramine and amines in medications, and they should be checked regularly for melanoma.
A hypertensive crisis induced by tyramine occurs between 10 minutes and 2 hours after a high tyramine meal.
The authors also address the special problems associated with the management of conditions consequent upon pregnancy, eclampsia, and the hypertensive crisis.
Friday's Cabinet sitting was initially scheduled to take place on Wednesday, but it was postponed, since Borisov was admitted to hospital with a hypertensive crisis.
Tyramine is metabolized by monoamine oxidase type A in the intestinal lining, which is inhibited at clinical doses of oral MAO inhibitors; this can cause a hypertensive crisis after a tyramine-rich meal.
In all the clinical trials [in which more than 2,000 individuals were exposed to the drug] there was not a single episode of acute hypertensive crisis, although there were no dietary restrictions after the first trial," he said.

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