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The point along a fault where an earthquake is initiated.
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the focal point of an earthquake. The depth at which a hypocenter lies can vary from 0 to 700 km. The source of underground shock is movements along tectonic faults, which vary in length up to hundreds of kilometers. In this sense, the hypocenter means the point from which the fault began to rip open. In the upper parts of the earth’s crust (up to 20 km) the hypocenter occurs as a result of brittle deformations in a rock series. Deeper hypocenters arise where plastic deformations prevail.

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It is possible that the quality of these last localizations does not have the necessary spatial and temporal resolution to detect fluid-driven seismicity; nevertheless, we do not see any clear evidence of fluid-driven hypocenter diffusion both along strike and dip, as observed in previous works (e.g., [49, 51]), but only the sudden westward migration due to the occurrence of the May 29 mainshock.
It is not easy to estimate the local slip rate for slow earthquakes, but the slip ("rupture" is not an appropriate word for a slow earthquake) propagation velocity can be estimated using tremor hypocenters as proxies.
Mao (1989) has used similar techniques as Pavlis and Booker (1980) and Spencer Gubbins (1980) in which hypocenter parameters and velocity parameters are decoupled in the inversion procedure.
earth's surface directly above the hypocenter. The hypocenter is
While Sankichi Toge, Tamiki Hara, and Sadako Kurihara all composed poems documenting the horrors they witnessed that day, Morishita was only a mile from the hypocenter and most of his classmates and teachers with him were killed.
''The only way to ensure (nuclear) weapons will never again be used is to eliminate them all,'' Ban said in a speech he gave at the hypocenter of the atomic bombing of Nagasaki after offering a wreath and silent prayer for the victims.
wreath-laying ceremony at the hypocenter of the atomic bombing in front of
MOST PEOPLE who have been to contemporary Hiroshima have seen the Atomic Bomb Dome, the shell of a building that was some sixty meters from the hypocenter of the 1945 atomic blast, and which now serves as a modern symbol of that bitter truth commonly referred to as man's inhumanity to man.
The method of PSHA was developed by McGuire [23] based on the probability concept developed by Cornell [4], which assumed the earthquake magnitude M and the hypocenter distance R as a continuous independent random variable.
The team studied anatomical samples of seven people in their 20s to 70s and died by the end of 1945 from acute conditions after being exposed to the bomb 0.5-1 kilometer from the hypocenter.
An earthquake in Mexico with a magnitude of 8.0 or greater and a maximum hypocenter depth of 200 kilometers or deeper will cause full payment of the bond's value to the nation's Fondo de Desastres Naturales (FONDEN), or natural disaster fund.
If black culture is the epicenter of popular culture in America, vogue culture is the hypocenter. Having been jacked almost from jump--Madonna is the queen of cultural interloping, and "Vogue," with its premise scrubbed-clean, may have been her interlopingest moment--it's easy to see why, despite the scene's survival for over two decades, the culture has largely remained underground.