warble fly

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warble fly:

see botflybotfly,
common name for several families of hairy flies whose larvae live as parasites within the bodies of mammals. The horse botfly secretes an irritating substance that is used to attach its eggs to the body hairs of a horse, mule, or donkey.
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Species identification of Hypoderma affecting domestic and wild ruminants by morphological and molecular characterization.
The "Gadfly" is more commonly known in the farming community as the "Warble Fly" ( Hypoderma bovis or Hypoderma lineata.
The survey, carried out by the Veterinary Laboratories Agency between November 2002 and March 2003 and to be published in the Veterinary Record, involved taking serum samples from 200,769 animals in 5,189 herds, to see if there was any evidence of antibodies to the cattle warble flies, Hypoderma lineatum and Hypoderma bovis.