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Failure of a tissue or organ to achieve complete development.



or hypogenesis, underdevelopment of a tissue, organ, part of the body, or entire organism. Just as with aplasia, the basis of hypoplasia is impairment of the interuterine development of the fetus as a result of the effect of radiant energy on the mother’s organism, imbalance in nutrition, and certain infections transmitted from the mother to the fetus, such as German measles, toxoplasmosis, or poliomyelitis.

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It results from anterior deviation of infundibular septum that cause hypoplasia of sub-pulmonary infundibulum and thus is responsible for tetrad defects e.
This defect predominantly manifests itself in the form of thymic hypoplasia or aplasia,4 therefore, the total volume of thymus can serve as a key parameter to assess structural deformation.
The lateral cephalogram confirmed the hypoplasia of the mid-facial region along with the associated relative mandibular prognathism.
Cranial CT showed bilateral ventriculomegaly (Figure 1), enlarged third ventricle, enlarged fourth ventricle with posterior fossa cyst (Figure 2), and cerebellar hypoplasia (Figure 3), which was consistent with his previous cranial MRI.
In vitro histological examinations of foveal hypoplasia showed that the retina at the posterior pole remained at the stage of differentiation normally exhibited in the sixth month in utero.
PS concomitant with situs inversus totalis (SIT) and pancreatic hypoplasia is very rare in the general population.
The causes of incompleteness of CoW are hypoplasia or aplasia of arteries forming it and with progression of atherosclerotic disease, stenosis and occlusion occur.
Proposed pathogenesis of median clefts of the lower lip and mandible include, hypoplasia of the mandibular processes either during the early embryonic period or during late embrayonic periods.
The objectives of this study were to describe the clinical-pathological findings related to lissencephaly-pachygyria and cerebellar hypoplasia observed in a single calf to establish the differential diagnosis with other diseases of the central nervous systems of young cattle.
Sonek et al (1) have reported an increased incidence of nasal bone hypoplasia in Afro-Caribbean population as compared to Caucasian 8.
Cerebellar hypoplasia can result from exposure to panleukopenia virus itself or from modified live panleukopenia vaccines given to cats during pregnancy or to kittens before 4 weeks of age.