see MaccabeesMaccabees
or Machabees
, Jewish family of the 2d and 1st cent. B.C. that brought about a restoration of Jewish political and religious life. They are also called Hasmoneans or Asmoneans after their ancestor, Hashmon.
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, Jewish family.
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Therefore one of these Thou must make sure thy own: the Parthian first, By my advice, as nearer, and of late Found able by invasion to annoy Thy country, and captive lead away her kings, Antigonus and old Hyrcanus, bound, Maugre the Roman.
Among those topics are the Exilic Period as an urgent case for a historical reconstruction without the biblical text: the neo-Babylonian royal inscriptions as a primary source, the relation between Samaria and Jerusalem in the early Maccabaean Period revisited: a case study about the reception of Phinehas, and from Philadelphius to Hyrcanus: the alternative approach to the formation and canonization of the Deuteronomistic historiography.
Mosquito species 2013 HC 2014 HC 2014 Biodiversa Aedes cinereus/geminus 6 6 299 Aedes vexans 1718 1847 4417 Anopheles algeriensis 4 -- -- Anopheles claviger -- -- -- Anopheles hyrcanus 145 63 -- Anopheles maculipennis complex 14 2 13 Anopheles plumbeus 9 26 150 Coquillettidia richiardii 2169 4333 1287 Culex martinii -- -- 66 Culex modestus 31 8 -- Culex pipiens complex/Cx.
Type localities.--Gorgan, Golestan Province, Iran (Zacheus hyrcanus); Lahidjan, Gilan Province, Iran (Platybunus pusillus); Tehran, Tehran Province, Iran (Metadasylobus dentichelis).
On rare occasions, Dhori virus also has been isolated from mosquitoes, including Anopheles hyrcanus (24), and from 1 mixed pool of Aedes caspius caspius and Culex hortensis mosquitoes collected near the Naryn River in Kyrgyzstan (20).
Who was the "Hyrcanus" whose name was engraved in Hebrew on a stone pot in Jerusalem 2100 years ago?
Located 86km south of Amman, Madaba has a rich history that dates back to the Maccabean times (c.165 BC), he said, adding that the city had been re-occupied by the Ammonites, but in around 110 BC it was taken, after a long siege, by John Hyrcanus. Known also as the "City of Mosaics", Madaba is best known for its spectacular Byzantine and Umayyad mosaics.
the Hasmonean leader John Hyrcanus destroyed the Samaritan temple on Mt.
Here, however, Smallwood discusses the Sanhedrin in the time of Hyrcanus, the exiled High Priest in the final part of the almost independent reign of the Hasmoneans, which is quite different to what the Sanhedrin was like during the Roman occupation of the first century.
Eliezer ben Hyrcanus, arrested by the Roman authorities on suspicion of being a Christian because he had in his early years entertained the opinions of Christian teachers (Abodah Zarah 16b); and about Ben Dama who was proclaimed "happy" for having died before calling upon a Christian doctor.