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in law, written order by an official of a court directed to an officer. The search warrantsearch warrant,
in law, written order by an official of a court authorizing an officer to search in a specified place for specified objects and to seize them if found. The objects sought may be stolen goods or physical evidences of the commission of crime (e.g., narcotics).
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 and the warrant of arrestarrest,
in law, seizure and detention of a person, either to bring him before a court body or official, or to otherwise secure the administration of the law. A person may be arrested for an alleged violation of civil or criminal law.
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 are the most frequently used types. Warrants of attachment order the seizure of a defendant's goods pending trial or judicial determination of ownership and in certain other cases. Warrants are usually issued by a judge or court clerk. They are directed to sheriffs, marshals, constables, and other officers of the peace. The strictest compliance with legal forms and rules for serving a warrant is ordinarily necessary if it is to be effective.



in the civil law of a number of states (France, Great Britain, the USA, Japan, and others), a document that is issued to the owner of goods when he places them in storage. Usually the warrant consists of two parts—a warehouse certificate and the warrant itself. It is a kind of security, since the owner of the goods may sell the warrant or use it as a pledge. He may also transfer the warrant by means of endorsement.


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1. a document that certifies or guarantees, such as a receipt for goods stored in a warehouse, a licence, or a commission
2. Law an authorization issued by a magistrate or other official allowing a constable or other officer to search or seize property, arrest a person, or perform some other specified act
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