I Dniprovskii

Dniprovskii, I


(pseudonym of Ivan Danilovich Shevchenko). Born Feb. 24 (Mar. 8), 1895, in the village of Kalanchak, in what is now Kherson Oblast; died Dec. 1, 1934, in Yalta. Soviet Ukrainian writer.

Dniprovskii was the son of a peasant. He was first published in 1916. He was one of the organizers of Hart, an association of Ukrainian writers, and later of Vaplit. His works depict events of World War I, the Civil War, and the period of the New Economic Policy. He is the author of the narrative poems The Donbas (1922) and The Plow (1924), many short stories, and the plays Love and Smoke (1926), Apple-tree Captivity (1926), and The Maria Mine (1931).


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