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(1) (Internet CARD) An electronic postcard (e-card) service from Apple that was discontinued in 2008.

(2) (i-card) The term used for an "information card" in the Higgins project. In practice, i-card and information card were used synonymously. See Higgins project and identity metasystem.

(3) A name briefly associated with the vCard when it moved to the IETF, because vCalendar became iCalendar. See vCard and iCalendar.

(4) (ID CARD) A smart card, magnetic stripe card or barcoded card used for identification purposes.

(5) (i-card) A former Web payment service from Cyber Catalyst, Saligramam, Chennai, India. The i-card was a virtual debit card that contained a value that was reduced online when making a purchase at compliant sites. When a transaction was made, a supporting email was sent to the i-card holder.
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According to reports, videos have emerged of armed security personnel rummaging through personal vehicles and plainclothes men asking invitees to produce identity cards that were then photographed, while some officers, presumably from another security agency, were seen writing down I-card numbers of the invitees.
The woman, Rakhi Sharma alleged that Mehto had claimed to be an ACB officer and had even shown her what seemed to be an official I-card to convince her of his identity.
Immigration alien registration chief Jose Carlitos Licas said each alien shall bring and present his alien certificate of registration identity card (ACR I-Card) and pay a P300 annual report fee and P10 legal research fee to the government.
They are holders of the alien certificate of registration identity card (ACR I-Card).
He added that in the annual report, each foreign national must present his/her original alien certificate of registration identity card (ACR I-Card) and valid passport and pay a P300 annual report fee and P10 legal research fee.
'My I-card was snatched by Indian army and later I was asked to report to their camp.
At the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, three full-time employees serve more than 1,200 students per day with just two check-in desks and three carding stations at the ID center, says Sarah Bohannen, assistant director of i-card programs.
I had to tell them several times that I am from NDMC...and I showed them my I-card and my equipment"a health inspector said on the condition of anonymity.
I hope they can infuse fresh thought on the subject," Noronha told IANS, admitting he won't vote because of technical errors in his voter's I-card that labels him a female.
Prince De Beauchene can pounce for the Howard Johnson stable in the Pick A Winner With Blue Square I-Card Handicap Chase.
But at least we're out and didn't have to go Christmas shopping!" Steve Matthews, owner of I'moncloudnine who was a gamble for the feature Blue Square I-Card Tommy Whittle Chase, added: "We're from Bath and are a little disappointed, but the further north we came the worse it looked.