(tool, World-Wide Web)
A graphical World-Wide Web browser for IBM PCs with a window system (Windows 95, Windows NT or OS/2). I-Comm does NOT require a SLIP or PPP connection, just a modem. It is available as a shareware program.

Version: 1.15 Beta1.

http://talentcom.com/icomm/icomm.htm, mirror.

FTP netcom.com, FTP best.com.

E-Mail: <icomm@talentcom.com>.
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Brian Flynn, chief operations officer at i-Comm Connect, provider of a WebRTC call button solution, says that if used correctly, WebRTC can greatly minimize costs and increase revenue for organizations in a range of verticals, including healthcare, insurance, and retail.
Meredith Schmidt-Fellner, director of marketing at i-Comm Connect, says that Auto Europe, an international car rental company, has saved 29 cents a minute using its WebRTC-enabled telephony solution.
Flynn describes i-Comm Connect's TACTAL offering as a secure, customizable WebRTC "call us" button that companies can embed into their websites and configure for their business needs.
M2 EQUITYBITES-July 20, 2017-1stPoint Communications, i-Comm Connect form strategic partnership
1stPoint Communications and i-Comm Connect have announced a strategic partnership whereby 1stPoint will resell TACTAL, i-Comm's patented WebRTC calling solution that enables 1stPoint's customers to receive phone calls directly from their web site, the company said.
i-Comm's browser-based calling solution is easy to deploy and empowers businesses to leverage their Internet presence by adding real-time, cost saving communication services.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-July 20, 2017-1stPoint Communications, i-Comm Connect form strategic partnership
A user-friendly, field-programmable door control, the i-COMM now comes
The i-COMM has a diagnostic text readout stating real-time status.
There are even browsers that let you work through an ASCII-only shell account and view in multimedia (SLIPknot and I-Comm, in particular).