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(1) (I-frame) A keyframe in interframe compression. I-frames are fully intact video frames, from which subsequent frames are derived. See interframe coding.

(2) A digital video format from Apple. See Apple iFrame.

(3) (Inline FRAME) An HTML structure that allows another HTML document to be inserted into an HTML page. The iFrame is set up as a window frame of a specified size that scrolls along with the rest of the page, but the iFrame's content can itself be scrolled if it is larger than the iFrame window.

Unlike the regular HTML frames function, which is used to divide the screen into multiple windows, the iFrame is typically used to insert an ad or small amount of text in the middle of a page. See frames, XFrames and HTML.

An iFrame in a Frame
The HTML frames feature divides the screen into partitions, but the iFrame is an independent frame that would scroll off the screen like any text or graphics on the page.
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The public tender information needs to be hosted on the contractor s database and published on the Trade Map web site through an i-frame.
For Smith & Wesson this meant a 5-shot I-frame revolver such as the Regulation Police and the Terrier, which were smaller than their .
38, built on the I-frame, Improved I-frame and J-frame, was made from 1958 to 1974.
Nine-Drawer Dark Custom Heavy-Duty Combo: This 26-inch five-drawer top chest and four-drawer rolling cabinet features Craftsman I-Frame construction, the Craftsman DynaGlide (TM) ball-bearing drawer performance system for smooth and precise drawer operation, Griplatch system to tightly secure doors once closed and heavy-duty 5 in.
Presently, our social apps are made available to our users via the traditional i-frame HTML technology.
It switches at the beginning of an I-frame so that downstream equipment is never disrupted.
The Model NM 3196 now features i-FRAME power ends, which incorporate multiple patented technologies to reduce downtime and lower life-cycle costs.
The i-Frame provides operations personnel, maintenance managers and reliability engineers with early warning of trouble so that changes to the process or machine can be made before failure occurs.
I-frames insertion at marker positions when rendering MPEG-2 (works in conjunction with I-frame viewer in DVD Architect 4)
Starting with I-Frame construction, the bearing housing is mounted directly on the frame.
Thus, resulting in the I-frame reset period of 136 frames.
i) UHS-I Card is required for All i-frame compressions (ii) One time registration is required on CANON iMAGE GATEWAY.