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25th letter of the alphabetalphabet
[Gr. alpha-beta, like Eng. ABC], system of writing, theoretically having a one-for-one relation between character (or letter) and phoneme (see phonetics). Few alphabets have achieved the ideal exactness.
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. It was a Latin importation of the eastern Greek upsilon (see UU,
21st letter of the alphabet, corresponding to the Greek upsilon [Gr.,=u without the aspirate]. Until the late Middle Ages the capital was V, the minuscule u, no distinction being made between the consonantal and vocalic uses of the letter.
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), which was pronounced like ü; the Romans used it for Greek words. In English y mainly represents the semivowel occurring in words such as yet; the same semivowel is the second member of the diphthongs ā, ē, ī, and oi. The modern ignorant use of y in ye for the (as in "Ye Olde Shoppe") is based on a misreading of an old sign for th. In chemistry Y is the symbol for the element yttriumyttrium
[for Ytterby, a town in Sweden], metallic chemical element; symbol Y; at. no. 39; at. wt. 88.90585; m.p. about 1,522°C;; b.p. 3,338°C;; sp. gr. about 4.45; valence +3. Yttrium is a highly crystalline iron-gray metal.
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General purpose language syntactically like RATFOR, semantically like C. Lacks structures and pointers. Used as a source language for Jack W. Davidson and Christopher W. Fraser's peephole optimiser which inspired GCC RTL and other optimisation ideas.

ftp://ftp.cs.princeton.edu/pub/y+po.tar.Z. It is a copy of the original distribution from the University of Arizona during the early 80's, totally unsupported.

["The Y Programming Language", D.R. Hanson, SIGPLAN Notices 16(2):59-68 (Feb 1981)].

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[Jack W. Davidson and Christopher W. Fraser, "Register Allocation and Exhaustive Peephole Optimisation" Software-Practice and Experience, Sep. 1984].


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(1) The brightness signal (luma) in the YUV color space. See YUV.

(2) An abbreviation of Yes, commonly used in conjunction with N for No; for example, a prompt may ask you: Do you want to overwrite the file: y/n?

(3) The symbol typically used for output of a combinational logic circuit. See combinational logic.
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