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The I-Net Team designs Web pages for Information Network staff to share information (team meeting minutes, upcoming professional conferences, passwords for product trials, collaboration for virtual teams) or for other departments in the corporation as requested.
The I-Net Team must report specific addresses or classes of addresses on license applications, and those addresses become the only ones authorized for access.
Occasionally the I-Net Team encounters concern from computing services personnel when the team asks them for Internet firewall information--necessary for publishers to secure inflow of data but carefully watched among computer personnel.
The I-Net Team fields constant calls and e-mail messages reporting access problems.
The I-Net Team must explain this to customers who report problems and must learn what steps to take and then solve the problems.
In the electronic environment at UTC, the distinction between functions of Information Network's I-Net Team and the technical services unit has become more blurred.
The I-Net Team assists or intervenes where possible, but staff members also have occasion to interact with outside services or vendors.
Forrester's Callahan believes I-NET runs the risk of being gobbled up if it goes public, but sees $1 billion as very doable, if the company continues to attract talent as it has."